Google Company and Alphabet Inc. Faces $5 Billion Lawsuit

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Google Company Faces $5 Billion Lawsuits over tracking users’ activities even in ‘private’ mode, Google and its parent company Alphabet Inc have been accused of massive illegally tracking millions of people’s activities even when they turn tracking off in a lawsuit demanding $5 billion in damages. Filed with a US district court in San Jose California on Tuesday, the complaint states that Google has violated the American federal wiretap law and the California privacy law by collecting information in an online news, searching for online or in their mobile application/Google PlayStore even when they turn off their tracking account settings.

The lawsuit filed by Boies Schiller Flexner, a law firm representing several individual consumers acting

“on behalf of all other similarly situated,” alleges that the data collection is facilitated through Google’s Firebase — software used for storing app data and sending notifications and ads — which operates invisibly to the app users. It is the second complaint brought by the firm since June, with the first similarly accusing Google of dire privacy violations, even when users turned on private browsing settings. filed lawsuit also in Arizona for misleading users by secretly tracking their personal data on smartphones. The lawsuit, filed by Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, alleges that certain apps developed by the Silicon Valley-based company tracked and stored location records and search history on Android-running smartphones even when users turned off these options.The apps that allow the collection of personal data without users’ consent include mapping and weather, which violates Arizona’s consumer protection laws, the lawsuit says.

“When consumers try to opt out of Google’s collection of location data, the company is continuing to find misleading ways to obtain information and use it for profit,They may be the most innovative company in the world, but that doesn’t mean they’re above the law.”Mark Brnovich said in an interview

“Even when consumers follow Google’s own instructions and turn off ‘Web & App Activity’ tracking on their ‘Privacy Controls,’ Google nevertheless continues to intercept consumers’ app usage and app browsing communications and personal information,” the lawsuit says.

Data collection allows Google to learn anything about the private lives of its users habit and daily activity including who their friends, what to eat and what to shop are, as well as the “most intimate and potentially embarrassing things” they search for online, the law firm warned in its previous complaint.

The lawsuit/case now seeks a compensation of at least $5 billion from the company, Google has so far not commented on this accusations. Boies Schiller Flexner, which has represented some of the company’s competitors like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram.

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Earlier, the company accused of recording Chrome Browser Users activity even in Incognito mode off. Google said in that claim statement that at the time it would fight the claim.

The US Department of Justice and a number of state attorneys general have meanwhile launched their own separate investigation into the Google Company’s business accusation.

Whether it acquired an unfair competitive advantage in advertising by making its data collection through virtually unavoidable. While none of the investigations have yet resulted in lawsuits, the DOJ in California are expected to file a complaint sometime this summer.

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Reuters reported, Citing sources familiar with the probe.



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